Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Powerpoint Presentation

Here's another piece of the branding I created for my Real Estate Agent Aunt. It is a powerpoint presentation based on her neighbourhood, trying to get clients interested in buying in her neighbourhood.
This is just one piece of the powerpoint but they all look quite similar, with pictures and whatnot.
Check out the page!

Real Estate Branding

Hi everyone!  
Sorry I have not posted in so long, I recently moved and there was a lot going on lately, not much time to upload pics and post to my blog! But here's the update.  
Lately, I've been working on some work for my aunt. She is a real estate agent in Mississauga and right now is very focused on getting new clients, as well as branding herself. I've been working on a powerpoint presentation for her for a while now (we keep thinking up new ideas to add to it so it is a never-ending project! :):P)
BUT I've also had a bit of time to start working on some branding for her. She wanted a logo type of thing for her name so that people would see that and KNOW that it is her. She is a very family oriented person and loves her Irish heritage so we were thinking something along 
the lines of celtic.  
Anyways, here's the first stage of a logo I've created for her.
You can check out her website HERE.

Let me know if you have any comments or criticisms on the logo! I'd love to hear them :)
- Heather