Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More for Christy

Hi everyone!

I'm back in action again with some more stuff for Christy's gourmet gifts company!
Christy has been having me work on a few different things for her trying to get the hype up for the launch of her new website!
She's been trying to get going a Facebook account, as well as group, a Twitter account and her very own blog (involving recipes, event ideas, testimonials, and weddings/events they have been involved in). 

For her facebook group we were thinking something that would also help with marketing.. I've noticed a few different companies/real estate agents and things like that doing a long sort of Facebook picture with information in it, as opposed to just pictures and I thought this would be something good for Christy.
This is what I created for her main Facebook group picture. 

To link from her website to her blog, this is the button I initially created for her, but the pictures needed to be changed up afterwards, as she now has a different photographer!

Since the photography changed, we decided to change up the button a bit more and this is what we came up with. On her main website it will also be a lot larger than the original image that I created. 

The last piece I created for Christy was a blog header. She wanted something with a lot of images to attract the customer to her food but also something that was pretty. 

That's it for today! There will be a lot more to see in the future so keep lookin' back and I'd love to hear your feedback!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Web Pages

Hi everyone!
Disappeared for a while there. Been working really hard on the graphics for a website. I did this for a lady, Christy, who makes her own chocolate gifts, specializing in corporate gifts.
For this project I was doing all the graphics, sending them over to a web designer and he was putting them all online and adding in e-commerce.
The web designer already had a few pages set up I was just changing them up and adding different features and what not.
Christy wanted her website to be pretty and girly with lots of photography to entice people.

Here's the main home page we came up with as a collaboration.

This second picture is a view of what the buttons would look like when you scroll over them. They would be linked to different pages on the website.

Here is a layout of one of the pages her main page would link to. 
Each page would have a different picture on the top as well as the side. These pages have the same tiled background as the main page, it is just a creamy-type colour.

When you click on the product link on the top home bar, this is the page it would take you to. Each picture of product would take you to a separate page which is seen in the second image I have posted. Each top of the page would be different according to what product it is.

A few things have been changed on these webpages since going online. As some of my pages didn't work properly with the way the e-commerce was designed, it had to be tweaked a bit but otherwise I am very pleased with how it turned out :) I will post the link to the website once it is online and ready for the public to view.

Comments welcome!