Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recipe Template Page

Hello again everyone!

So my latest project has been a collaboration with my sister, Jess. She's made recipe binders in the past that have turned out really nicely so I asked her to make one for me. We picked out fabric together which she will cover a binder in and pad it as well as embroider a felt piece with the word "Recipes". So far it is turning out really nicely.

I wanted to add some of my own flair to this project so I decided I would make the graphics for the inside. I would make one template that could be printed up several times and put between dividers to organize all the recipes.

This is the fabric and felt colour that we chose for the binder.

And here is the recipe template I made for the inside of the binder. Changes are still optional as my sister hasn't finished the binder yet so there may be some slight differences to the final product. The white square at the left hand corner with the line is for your recipe name :) The little circle thing is an Ernst Haeckel design ( I LOVE ERNST HAECKEL ) that I thought looked somewhat like a dandelion, which matched with the front fabric.

I'm thinking I might need some little something near that top left-hand white rectangle. Not sure what it needs yet. Opinions anyone? 



  1. wow heather this is really interesting to look at i almost forgot it was a recipe thing. i really like the underline half circle

  2. Looks good, I think you should round off that orange corner right above "serves", that top left corner definitely stands out.

  3. Yeah that'd definitely a good idea. Thanks Paul :) I will check out how that looks!

  4. Wow, you have some really beautiful design work! Very inspiring!

  5. Thank you! I really appreciate that :D

  6. I would insert a picture of the finished recipe... I like to see a picture of what I'm going to cook. It would be really handy for someone looking through your recipes.