Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sketchbook Project!

So a long while ago I signed up for the Sketchbook Project, I don't know if I've mentioned it before but basically you sign up, pay the money, pick a theme and they send you your very own Moleskine sketchbook. You fill it up, send it back, and then all the sketchbooks that are submitted go on a tour around the world!
The theme I chose for my sketchbook is "Storybook". I've only got starts of pages drawn up so far but I've been getting some good things done lately. I have some great plans for this sketchbook. I hope I can finish in time!!
Anyways, usually when I have a sketchbook I cover the back of the covers in a pretty paper, makes the sketchbook feel a lot nicer to me so I did it with this one as well. I went on a hunt for different papers and ended up finding a scripty writing one (perfect for a storybook) as well as a paper with a toile print.
The papers were a bit too white for how creamy colour the sketchbook paper is so I decided to dye the paper with tea. ( Cinnamon tea :) It smelled so good! )
After the paper had dried and everything I went over some things with a thin tip gold paint pen, as I'm going to have a lot of gold going through my sketchbook to make it sort of like the letters you would find in really old storybooks! Here's the first pictures of what I've done

Front Cover

Front Cover Close- Up

Back Cover 

Back Cover Close-Up

That's all I got so far! So much more Sketchbook Project pages to come in the future!! Keep lookin



  1. really awesome there heather. i like how you outlined with the gold, makes for a cool effect

  2. Those drawings are great, what did you colour that flower with?

  3. What a great idea, I would love to see all the sketchbooks if they come to my area, Southern Oregon.

    I love what you have done to yours so far!

  4. Victoria- Thanks! Unfortunately, I think so far the closest they are going to you is Washington and California :( Hopefully they will add something in your area. You can check out some more sketchbooks from people here if you're interested!

    Paul- I didn't actually draw the flower :( Lol fail. First pages of my sketchbook are always just paper-made. PS. Would you be at all interested in being in my "Creatives" list on my blog? I'm going to link to other artists' blogs :) Hopefully start a little network.

  5. LOVE the gold details!!! Can't wait to see more of your sketchbook.

  6. Thanks Michelle! I'll try to get some posted as soon as possible :)

  7. ah, that would be rad, thanks Heather.
    Also, I think I may be attending the tour for the Chicago, IL date, maybe you can come along. :P

  8. That sounds aawesome Paul. :) :) I'm in!