Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation Time!

Finally I've got some time off work and I'm going to Cuba with my mom and my sister tomorrow! I won't be back home 'til next Thursday so I probably won't have any new posts before then but I have some exciting information!

My dreads have finally been cut off! I went one day out of the blue and cut my hair off, I thought I'd be too hot in Cuba and that's what started it all. I took a before and after picture, here they are!



I didn't necessarily like how they styled my hair, but I think the hair cut is really cute and it looks pretty nice now! :)
I'll be back soon with pictures of my Cuba trip most likely so stay posted for that! Yay for vacation time :D



  1. Hi,

    I bet you had a great time there.
    All people I know who have been there liked it alot.
    They say that people there are very friendly.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi there!
    I did have a really good time, it's an awesome place.
    I even met some people who lived in Havana, Cuba.. someone who was also a graphic designer.
    It was really interesting to talk to him about how graphic design works there. :)