Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kitschy Christmas!

Hi everyone!
Haven't posted in a while, just been working on a few things for my aunt lately as well as something brand new for my sister Jessica.
Every year she has a Christmas dinner/party at our house with a theme. It is always "A very ____ Christmas" Examples of what she's done are
A Very Glam Christmas
A Very Creepy Christmas
A Very Classy Christmas
Anyways, this year she's doing it again for the 4th year in a row and the theme this Christmas is "Kitschy".
She always makes a facebook event to invite all her friends to this so using my Graphic Design I make her an event posting picture as well as a thumbnail.
Check out what I made for the Kitschy Christmas!

This is the main facebook picture 

This is the facebook thumbnail picture. 

I really like how everything turned out. I think maybe the font needed a little something else but seeing as I only had a half hour - hour to work on this I had to stick with what I got. 

Comments welcome!

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