Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corset Top Recon

I haven't posted in a while, been workin' on graphics at ACTUAL work now. Haven't got the gumption to do more in my spare time.
BUT I have been creating clothes.
The past weekend I went to a Pimp N Ho costume party. Embarrassing, I know. Haha. I knew the perfect shirt I could use for it though. I had been working on the shirt for a long while and never got around to finishing it until now!
So check out what I've created. Here's the before pictures.

This is the horrible 80s dress it started out as, with my sister as the model. She actually got some use for this dress as well. (She went to a party that was themed 80s prom!)

This is the top of the shirt after I had cut the bottom skirt part off. A little easier to see. 

And here's the final product. The front of the corset.

The back of the corset. Created with elastics and buttons for extra hold and comfiness!

And finally the shirt on me! 

It fit real nice and I was able to wear this shirt (along with some more ho-ish items lol) to the party.
What do you think??


  1. Fantastic re-purposed corset! Sound like a fun time, love costume parties!

  2. Costume parties are the best kinds of parties. And thank you Victoria! :)