Thursday, March 31, 2011


Onto my newest project! IAAG!
IAAG stands for Interactive Alternative Art Gallery. If you check out the link I've posted you'll see what it's all about but I'll describe it in a few words. Basically this is started by a collective of alternative artists (alternative art being: graphic design, graffiti, music, tattoo art etc.). Each month we will have a different show with a different theme, put on at a venue. It will be a ticketed event with donations and lot's of fun! The basic idea is to get alternative artists some exposure, as there is not much of that going on for them. Alternative art wouldn't be found in a regular art gallery, so IAAG will help provide that exposure and really help out artists in the community! I've been working with Enigma Agency on this project. (Lexi's idea!)
I've been designing some things for IAAG, such as the logo, so I'll show that to you!
Lexi wanted something a bit futuristic and modern, and this is what we came up with together.
I really like how it turned out, any comments? :) 
Also if you haven't checked out IAAG yet.. you probably should! It's going to be the next big art event in Hamilton, ON!

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