Friday, February 25, 2011

Logo & Branding

So whenever I get bored I've been working on those pretend businesses my sister, Jessica,  gave me. I was having an especially anxious day, wanting to get some things done but not sure at all what to do SO I worked on one of the logos to calm myself down.

The one I chose today was called Avocado Designs. Here's the logo I came up with for it.
I think it turned out really cool, I like the different styles between the lettering and the actual avocado picture. 

Anyways, after that I was still bored so I started working on a website for the avocado designs ( my fave) And this is the page I came up with.

Also may I just mention it's quite difficult to come up with a look for a business that doesn't exist! I'm not even sure what kind of design this place does :P Haha One day I'll get my sister to invent an entire business for me and I will create something off of that but for now I think I gave them quite a nice identity.

It'd also look a lot nicer with some photography in the spaces. Just picture it!

That's all for today everyone! Keep checkin ;)


  1. I love the clean design, I wonder what could they do at Avocado Designs? Sounds like you and your sister have a lot of fun.

    Maybe they design Mexican food or restaurant decor, it is all in the presentation :)

  2. A custom logo design gives small businesses a visual illustration of their business to look at and keep themselves motivated and inspired.