Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anniversary Present

Hellooo there!

This is what's been going on in my life. It was my anniversary with my boyfriend Daniel the other day (6 months) and we were exchanging gifts so I decided to make him some of his presents. 
The first thing I got him (not made) was a gift card for an aquarium store as he really likes frogs and whatnot and is always building his aquarium with plants and more fish and all sorts of fun stuff. His favourite pets are his African Dwarf Frogs 
See them here
Hahah, I love them, they're so funny to watch. Anyways, since he likes these frogs so much I made him this artwork (he moved in not too long ago and has no art on his walls) SO I made him this!

The frog was made with fabric we picked out at the Value Village a few days before and then I did the background kind of tie-dye looking with gouache. I mod-podged the whole thing and added a white acrylic paint outline to the froggie and there we go! 

Also Dan was mentioning he needed a new wallet so I went on etsy and searched up some wallets I thought he'd like and I came up with THIS!

 A leather wallet that is screen printed with woodgrain pattern! I love it. Unfortunately I didn't order it from the internet in time and it hasn't come yet.. so I had to improvise. This is what I ended up giving him.

I printed out a picture from the one online and packaging taped into into a wallet shape.. with the help of newspaper lol. He still liked it anyways but I did put an IOU note on it. 

And that's all I got for today, keep looking for new crafts and graphics I'm up to!



  1. lucky you didnt post this before and then i would have known too much. but thanks alot i love everything just gotta get a frame for dat to hang up.
    with much love

  2. I know, I was going to post it before then I decided against it. You are too sneaky. And your welcome. I should post the box you gave me