Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twitter Background

So I was working on a Twitter background for myself, check it out here, and my sister mentioned she would like one for her blog as well. We didn't really speak about it at all yet but I made her one for now, just for the sake of it.

She's a writer and a crafter so I decided to do things that related to that. Here's the background I created for her.

Not sure if it would be tiled or what but I tested it out on my own Twitter account and it looked pretty neat. We shall see if she likes it or not ;) :). You can check out my sister's twitter here.

Thanks for reading, be back with some more graphics soon!


  1. I like the Puddy in a locket! Haha. I don't know how it would work with twitter, though. I mean, if it isn't tiled, would Puddy be behind the panel? And I think yours is branches. Am I right?

  2. Mine is branches yes and puddy isn't behind the panel, I checked. Only the right half of the locket is behind the panel. We could just do books if you'd like though. orr.. a small puddy locket instead of a big one.