Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Ever Resin PENDANTS!

Hi everyone!
Here's the scoop. Lately I've been trying my luck at making some jewellery. My sister and I bought some resin recently (neither of us had used it before but wanted to try it out!).
My boyfriend and I collected seashells and cool stones and that from the beach and wanted to make some jewellery with those found objects.
Here's the ones we came up with. Again.. a bad quality picture but as I just moved recently I can't find a camera or anything better to take pictures with.
This is all the resin pendants we made, for now!

Unfortunately my boyfriend worked on this one while I was out of the room and he used the wrong colour background :P Looks good anyways I think though. It's still a bit tacky at the front.
This one was a cool rock we found at the beach. Hard to see the details in the picture but it is quite cool. I like this background a lot as well. We found all the backgrounds in pieces of artwork out of the art magazine Juxtapoz.
This one was my favourite at the beginning but unfortunately got an airbubble in it that we couldn't pop. :P It still looks alright to me, looks like the seashell is floating on top of water or something.
This one is my very favourite out of all of them. It was the one my boyfriend created so I can't take credit for it unfortunately but lucky for me I still get to keep it as jewellery. Hahaha :)

Let me know what you think!
There will probably be more jewellery coming up on my blog in the future as I am making a piece of jewellery out of a bone we found at the beach. I was thinking it was a fish bone, but now I'm not sure. If anyone can tell me what kind of animal this bone comes from I would love to know. 
Here's the bone all lacquered up!

Thats all for today, I've been really busy with working at 5 30 am everyday and I need some sleep! 
- Heather

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