Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hermit Crab

SO! I read an article online (posted by one of my twitter friends!:) ) that gave some tips on how one should go about making a Promotional Postcard as an Illustrator. Reading about all these tips made me want to make a new promo postcard, as I didn't much like my last one, never mind use it.
Anyways, I like hermit crabs, I felt like drawing/painting one so that was the first piece of art to be created for my promo postcard. I drew it with pencil, filled in with watercolour paints and pencils, added shading with pencil crayons and inked the edges. I like how it turned out, here's the picture of what I have so far. (You really don't get the full effect with the cell phone pictures, but I promise I'll scan it in later on!)
Let me know what you think of it :)



  1. I like it. Very crabby. What's a promo postcard?

  2. A promotional postcard promotes your art and you send it out to people in the mail. Like.. art directors for magazines and that. Then if they like your art they phone you up and you get a job.