Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Crafts

Hi everyone!
Been a while since I posted, I've been so busy with Christmas, working and starting up my new business that I haven't had time to go on the internet much!
But, the good thing about not posting in a while is that I've got a lot of new crafts to show you :)
For Christmas, I made some crafty presents for a lot of people.. as well as a birthday present for my mom.. here they are!

First off I made some recipe binders, one of them I gave to my boyfriend's mom (unfortunately before I took a picture of it! but I will hopefully be able to get a pic in the near future) and one of them I gave to my friend Chelsea. Here it is

The front of the binder. I bought a binder, padded it with cotton batting then covered it in a purple animal print fabric. The inside covers I used a purple felt to cover up the rough edges and empty areas.

This is the inside of the binder. I made the recipe template as well using Photoshop 
Hopefully she gets good use out of her recipe binder!

Another present I made was one for my mom. She had mentioned she wanted some padded hangers for Christmas... turns out padded hangers are extremely hard to find :S, so I made some for her! 
This is the complete set. I took plain wire hangers.. bent the bottom part up to the top part (with the help of my boyfriend), wrapped them in cotton batting, covered them in fabric and sewed them up.

A close up of one of the hangers.

Action shot of the hangers!
As much as I like how the hangers turned out.. and as much as my mom liked them, I probably will not be making these again! They were really tough.

Mom's birthday comes soon after Christmas so I needed to think of another present to get for her. I had this chair sitting in my room for a long time waiting to be recovered and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!
Before of the chair. Rusted Green-tone paint with grubby fake orange fur.

Redone chair. I chose the same fabric as I used for the hangers, as she's probably going to use the chair inside her walk-in closet. I repainted the chair a creamy white colour and the circular ends I dry-brushed them with a golden colour. 

I really love how this chair turned out, as did she which makes me happy :)
Let me know if you have any comments about any of my projects! I love comments
More projects coming soon.