Sunday, January 23, 2011

Presents for the Boyfriend

Today is my One year anniversary with my boyfriend!

I decided he deserved a really good present, for being such a good boyfriend :P, so I made him some crafty items.
Dan is starting his own T-shirt company. He's recently bought himself a screen printing machine and has started drawing designs and printing some shirts. The present I made him was to help him really get into the business, and also for some inspiration!
This idea was somewhat like the Recipe Binder but instead of Recipe template pages each page would have a blank t-shirt for him to draw his ideas onto.
He would circle the "Front" or "Back" depending which it was, draw his design in, and write in what colours the t-shirt is as well as the print. Good idea? 

I padded a binder from the dollar store and went to Fabricland to get man-ly type fabric. I found this stretch corduroy that looks like a mix between animal print and woodgrain. Pretty cool in my opinion and it feels VERY nice!
Outer Binder

I went out to Michael's craft store to get some felt for the innards. I found this dark brown snakeskin type felt that looked pretty manly-esque. This covered up all the rough edges from the fabric.
The binder all put together.

As well as the binder, I got him two shirts to print on, and a few arty items from Mixed Media on James St. N in Hamilton, ON. He loves that store and I figured it would help make the ultimate present for him!
I picked out a Hemp sketchbook (so he could draw up his pre-sketches for designs) a Juxtapoz art magazine for inspiration and finally a neat little notebook that says "Business" on it. (Dan has a print he's drawn with a cowboy-styled gun, I thought this would be appropriate.)

And that's it for today everyone! Keep checking for new updates, as I'm working on new projects all the time.
Comments are always welcome.


  1. Those are great gift ideas. And what's up with hyping James st on twitter?

  2. I like James St. and I'm sure people from the area will appreciate it. & Yep that's the same one~!

  3. I bet Dan loved it. That's a great idea, and with reprintable sheets, a great concept book.
    I wonder if it would be cheaper to order the bindings and covers separately, and assemble your own custom binders. Upholster, then rivet the binding for a more complete and professional look. I definitely see marketability.

  4. Yeah that could be a good idea but would take longer.. and maybe not make much more money. I should look into it, see how much it would all be.