Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ruining the Surprise

Okay I guess this is sort of ruining the surprise.. or maybe I've built up enough anticipation that it's perfect! I'm not sure but right now I'm sharing my newest business logo with you.
It's the lingerie business I'm starting..
I went through quite a few different logos before I found the one that was right for this project so I'll show you  my process as well.
Here's what I started with in my sketchbook.

I got my inspiration from the Yogen Fruz advertisements. They have a cool little banner for their featured Frozen Yogurt. 

Here's the writing I came up with for the banner. I curved it with the banners curves so it would all fit without being too small.

This is how it turned out once it was all together.
I didn't really end up liking this at all. Though I was going to add some filigree to it.. it just didn't seem like it was very professional.

So I decided to change it up completely. This is my logo that I'm working with now and I like how it turned out a lot. 
The bow will be different, vectorized, as I just used a photograph of someone else's for the meantime to see how it would look.

Here's the banner for my Etsy shop to go with the logo.

So what do you think of everything? I'd love to hear comments!



  1. It's beautiful! I love the simple font you use! xxoxoxoo

  2. Thanks for the great comment! Your blog is so pretty!

  3. I like the banner for the Etsy shop. Very sweet.

  4. Thanks Ely~! Hopefully I get to put it into action :)